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StarHub Ltd is a Singaporean telecommunications company and one of the four major telcos in the country, the others being Singtel, M1 and TPG Telecom.

Back in October 2014, TODAY ONLINE WEBSITE reported that StarHub, Singapore’s second-largest telco StarHub faced a similar situation in 2010 when the owner of an online maternity retail shop accused it of placing ads on her website without prior consent. But technology lawyers here say it is not entirely illegal in Singapore for telcos to place ads without permission. The owner, who was a subscriber of the now-defunct StarHub service MaxOnline HubStation, had discovered ad banners advertising food and hygiene products on the top of her website. She charged that the banner gave the impression that her site endorsed such products, which was not the case. In response, StarHub said that the advertisement was inserted into a toolbar for the Web browser, and was not part of her website. A spokesman elaborated in response to queries, that this was an ad for free service: “The leaderboard toolbar is no longer available via StarHub HubStation. It was previously available only to customers on the free 1Mbps broadband service via HubStation, and was not an inherent part of any website.” Regardless of positioning, technology lawyer Rob Bratby said any placing of ads by StarHub was likely not wholly prohibited. In addition, it would have also been covered under the terms and conditions, he said. “It would depend on all the circumstances, but the Singapore Computer Misuse Act is not aimed at this type of activity, so my view is that this type of activity is not subject to a blanket ban in Singapore.” He added that if the service is available with ads, but at a cheaper price, then it might be an effective way of serving customers who would otherwise not be able to receive service at all. In Singapore, the nationwide Wireless@SG network is free, but ads are shown. Music service Spotify also has a free version, of which there are ads, and a premium version that users have to pay for.


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Former Employee - Chief of Chiefs says

"Vendor reliant Plenty of nonsense and politics No ideas, innovation nor directions"

Former Employee - Help Desk Analyst says

"Squeeze staff til dry, little appreciation, micro-manage, threaten staff to higher management, raised voice to staff in open. Slow career progression. Office politics, boot licking, favoritism."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Many suffocating rules under the top leadership These rules are really speechless and stressful. The staff QA must be coaching for one thing that is wrong, but the praise given by the guests depends on the number of NPS you have. And they also don't know how to train employees, they will just keep the focus on the employees' mistakes and keep asking you for doing OT. The funny thing is that the turnover rate of employees is ridiculously high, while the top leadership is still implementing various brainless rules. I think maybe need to let them experience some of these speechless rules then they only know-how is the PAIN is."

Former Employee - Finance Analyst says

"1) Made a few friends who were my peers there, and was very sad to leave them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is arrogant. No direction and likes to depend on lower tier for advice. Always about cost cutting and no concern for employee well-being. Very very slow career growth or none at all. Lack of collaboration across teams."


"Lots of changes. New management. Direction not in sync. No longer the good old days with camaraderie."

Former Employee - Consumer Team says

"Management constantly requesting for employees to achieve and overdeliver without looking to resolve key challenges such as 1. outdated systems (we have systems which nobody know how to operate on) 2. absence of proper work process, absence of structure on knowledge management/transfer. Lack of operational efficiency and unrealistic targets from management has led to extremely high staff turnover, vicious cycle 3. Uncooperative culture. Teams work on silo and unwilling to collaborate. 4. Poor work life balance. Not a factor being respected by management and leaders at all. Staff are still pressured heavily to reply to request and mails while on medical leave. A clear lack of empathy 5. Severe lack of manpower and resources at operational level to drive projects and keep up with unrealistic KPIs. Management / leadership team on the contrary keeps expanding with noticeable influx of expatriates filling up leadership roles"

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"Oppressive and toxic environment. Business units that are not performing continue to hear bad news from bosses on a daily basis. Hard work is NOT appreciated. We only get the blame when the company does not meet investor expectations."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Low salary. HR Incompetent in assessing applicants skills"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"poor business direction, bad corporate culture"

Customer Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"I facilitated with daily telecommunication transactions for mobile, cable television and internet services such as but not limited to: resumption/reconnection of suspended/terminated accounts; uplifting of blacklisted customers; provisioning of added services; issuance of SIM cards; redemption of certain products through the rewards point system, just to name a few. •Attended to customers with general billing concerns like processing waivers, refund requests, bill adjustments and drafting of payment instalments or scheduled payment arrangements. •Transposed email correspondences regarding service interruptions experienced by subscribers and monitoring that solutions were delivered promptly. •Effectuated retention schemes for improved customer service experience while promoting newly launched products and services."

Customer Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"Working environment bad, management bad. Not a good company to join. You will die inside without any help given. Better think twice before joining this company."

Consultant consumer sales (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, lack of support from backend team. Nice colleagues to work with. Customers are ridiculous. Every moves are being watch and recordings of what you talk is being recorded no freedom at all. Claims that to protect the consultant and customers however more like protecting company benefits.Friendly colleagues"

Senior Customer Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"Expect working 9-12 hours a day to serve the demanding Singapore customer base. It is difficult to embrace work-life balance if you do not have the spare time in the first place.Employee BenefitsStress and Anxiety"

RETAIL SALES (Current Employee) says

"Too many procedures, system etc. System always have problem. Management always come down hard on sales staff to promote stuffs. Beside selling services and products, still have secondary appts to do in shops."

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"overall it was a fun working place but the turn over rate is rather high in the company. if yiu are having school holidays or just wish to get a part time job pls try it out"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Like typical sales roles, you must be prepared to endure harsh criticism and customers' complaints. In an environment where every man is for himself, you must learn to advance on your own because time is too precious for others to be assisting you."

Finance Manager (Current Employee) says

"I run operations. Typical day at work is very fast pace. Handling customer disputes and resolving billing issues with various parties across different departments. Sense of achievement felt when things are resolved and customer is happy. My immediate team members are a bunch of happy beings. We discuss and communicate. It feels like a big family. More than just colleagues. We exchange ideas and knowledge. We constantly learn from one another. No ranks or grades divide amongst us.I like my own team membersToo much processes"

Associate Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They succumb to the traditional set up and they are not competitive with the salary, the technology, the investment and on the people. They are much focused on saving rather than improving. The qualification of their personnel on their appointed jobs are questionable and the salary is not aligned with the experiences, like their salary ranges are low"

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"lack of work life balance Good that it is fast-paced and challenging poor management direction Good middle management Competitive environment with high turnover rate"

Marketing Executive (Current Employee) says

"Joined a few months ago, therefore, would need more time to judge and pinpoint on what I like and dislike about the organization as a whole. Will update again.."

Inside Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Starhub is a typical Singapore company. The basic pay for is lower than the market offerings. The workload is heavy and I find the company unproductive"

Lead Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"a lot of deployments and tight schedules environment. There are too many projects implemented at the same time. 1 deployment involved a lot of code changes."

Technical Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"colleagues were great but tend to give off a very cold aura and liked to stick within their own teams, however when asked to be left alone they felt team bonding was more important. pretty uncomfortable experience because of the clique situation but in terms of advancement, do not see much opportunities."

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"Where i learn how to be discipline in work and considered my very first full time career. Met and seen quite a number of different characters. Mostly are two faces."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is great being able to offer services to customers and resolving their issues. Colleagues are always ready to lend a helping hand."

Business Operation Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Not much job advancement given to staffs, most of the employers are contract. Typical day of work are mostly admin ad hoc and a lot of things are being pushed around for honest people to clear.Free yakult and fruits once a month.....No job advancement is given most of the time."

FLOOR MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Typical work a day is facing many different types of customer and situation. I have learn a lot that we need to have patience in a service line. Starhub management can be better then now. My current work place culture is very healthy we know how to help one another and we do our jobs diligently. To me no hardest part of the job as different jobs faces different things therefore we have to learn how to cope with it. No job is easy of course. The most enjoyable part is that i get to meet different customer and my team members.Getting to meet interesting peopleRetail hours"

Customer Service Officer (Current Employee) says

"Every calls I received gives me an opportunity to be independent, self driven and challenging type of environment. You will learn a lot as Starhub has been innovating almost all of the products due to competition with other providers. The people in the department are very helpful to provide options to resolve the issues.Free snacks and lunch during holidayLocation"

Senior HR Partner (Current Employee) says

"Open culture with open-minded bosses. Supportive colleagues and strong collaboration within teams. Nice environment with spacious working place. Convenient transport with easy access to MRT and buses.Good managersUnclear direction"

J.N says

"Congratulations Starhub, you have managed to give your customer the longest unfulfilled handset delivery even after reschedule initiated from your end. An order for recontract of service was initiated by your customer in August 2020 with a delivery date within the same month, date selected from the available slots showcased on your website. However, it was not fulfilled. Another delivery date was set on 08/01/2021, between 11am to 1pm but it wasn’t fulfilled as well. Starhub, thank you for the wonderful service rendered and the time wasted just to get a recontract handset."

Ng Ao YU says

"Starhub is a scam they use simple and generic terms which then misleads you into thinking that you can do something which you actually can’t and then continue on to fine you for what you have done this is outrageous"

Laurent HOCHET says

"No one to contact when in trouble! Horrible service and customer service. This operator is even ready to de bundle your services without your approval to charge you more. Then they argue you requested for the change! Total disgrace for a so call reputable TelCo..."

Catherine Lim says

"Had a terrible experience when I got transferred between various depts and played around to help with troubleshooting the modem and router on numerous calls and for hours. Called them around 4pm today on WiFi connectivity issue.Finally speak to CS agent and when she was trying or pretending to help me, she asked about another broadbands account that was cancelled more than a year ago. I was shocked and told her that flat was sold more than a year ago that’s why there is no more account there. After what was she trying to help me and walk me through some troubleshooting experience, she said she would need to transfer me to router Dept. The guy was patient but then asked me to grab my laptop and try to reset or check the interface. I told him I’m not IT savvy and I just want to request for a technician and he said ok but still proceed to tell me how it would help me if I have a laptop as they can’t do much on their end. Finally I ended the call and called again to Starhub as the last call didn’t resolve anything. This time was another guy who ask me to go through troubleshooting process again even though I told him I did that numerous times. Finally I insist for a technician to come down and the earliest available slot would be 2 days later. He mentioned that there will be a charge to that and I asked him if it’s not the issue with the router or cable, will there be still a charge and he said there will be only the transportation charge. So I agreed to that. My younger sister decided to finally call as the broadband is registered under her name and put me through on conference call with them. Again troubleshooting and finally they then admit it’s network issue. If they had said that earlier or told me it could be network issue and to let them check it, I would have understand and not go through all that hours of trouble. With all that I finally settle down and have my dinner around 9:30pm. So from 4pm until 9pm to resolve what is actually their network issue. And now here I am suffering from gastric pain as I am writing this. This is not worth it Starhub to spin your customers around when you can simply be honest and tell the truth. Our family will not be renewing the plan after this is up. Today has caused me too much health issue, time and effort just to resolve something that wasn’t even for me to resolve."

R Ang says

"I have had an absolutely horrendous experience with Starhub customer service, with its sales representatives showing that they only care about making their commission and not about making any effort to address any subsequent problems. A few weeks ago, I had decided to switch to Starhub Smart Wifi (from a traditional router system), and spoke with Jeffrey Tan from the sales/recontract team. He agreed to sell me 2 Nokia Beacon 1 units for $192 in total on condition that I recontract for 2 years. I duly agreed with this. However, after the technician came and helped to install and configure the device, my household experienced intermittent disconnections throughout the day for multiple days, with the Internet not working at all for a few minutes at different times of the day, which was very disruptive to activities like online calls. This problem was never existent with the previous router, and we tried to switch back to the router for a few days to test, and no problems were found. As such, the only conclusion is that the Nokia Beacon devices do not work to the required level of performance. I called the customer service hotline and arranged for a technician to come down on May 1 to check if our configuration of the Smart Wifi system had any issue. There was none. As such, I started calling the customer service and sales hotline to request for a refund, or at least discuss with Jeffrey on what could be done. Despite multiple assurances that Jeffrey or another representative would call me back within a certain time period, I received no call at all, and despite my repeated calls for updates, there has still been no update for 2 weeks (I had started calling on May 8). Subsequently, I sent an email to the customer service account, and after the verification process, the customer service agent once again told me that I would expect a call within 24 hours. This call, unsurprisingly, was not to be found. This blatant lack of professionalism and after-service care has been horrible and our household has just wasted $192 and a re-contract for unreliable devices. For contrast, when negotiating the deal to re-contract, Jeffrey Tan was very punctual in calling back and securing the deal. Alas, upon certain problems occurring that would possibly threaten his commission, he has suddenly disappeared and refused to call back. In summary, despite experiencing persistent problems of performance with the new Starhub Smart Wifi service, no sales representative has bothered to call back despite multiple assurances that this would be done. Specifically, Jeffrey Tan is the person in charge of the household account and has done absolutely nothing to remedy the problem. The abysmal customer service standards of Starhub have been obvious throughout this horrible experience and I highly recommend everyone to steer clear. Starhub will be very prompt when trying to get your money, but if you have any problems, good luck to you, they will not be helping."

Marcius Wong says

"It is a known fact in Singapore that Starhub has mass regional outages once in a while. I am using Singtel for my personal phone, M1 for my iPad and Starhub for my home router. There really isn't much issues apart from the occasional outages however, these outages can be extremely infuriating at times as they come as regional to global outages that may last throughout the day. A recent one happened as soon as Singapore rolled out it's semi-quarantine stages and everyone moved into home-based learning and video conferencing. This was a major hassle for everyone as it lasted throughout the day and I had to resort to using my mobile data for online lessons. SingTel is pretty similar and both companies have mediocre customer service quality. M1 on the other hand seems to be more reliable and I never once throughout 3 years have issues with it. SingTel can be slow on occasion too but since I'm only using it for my mobile phone, it isn't really a big deal. StarHub does on the other hand, have pretty competitive pricing and affordable deals in my opinion." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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